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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 11  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 1:33am-2:01am +03

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by. around the world more than forty countries have imposed laws to cut down on plastics. in two thousand and two bangladesh was the first to prohibit ten plastic bags after they clog storm drains during devastating floods. and in malaysia's federal territories a recent ban has been imposed on plastic bags in favor of biodegradable income possible bags and food containers. while in kenya it's become illegal to produce sell and use plastic bags with a penalty of up to four years in jail or a forty thousand dollars fine. but is it too little too late plastics may be being banned on land but they've already made their way into the sea. floating between california and hawaii is a massive comfort trash known as the great pacific garbage patch it's the size of texas and still growing. in the deep sea one of the most inhospitable
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places on earth scientists have found plastic items almost completely intact but even more troubling is what happens when plastic does degrade mike plastics are fibers we need granules of plastic which are defined by being less than five millimeters and they start off of as large pieces of plastic and then due to littering runoff pool waste management and of in the marine environment and when the then they're exposed to sunlight the sunlight makes them versatile and the action is the wind in the ways just breaks them down and they become smaller and smaller they don't biodegrade or ever really go away and because they're very small and they can be readily ingested by number of different mean animal and they can reduce the end mind. they consume and in thailand that hands a knock on effect on groups and reproducibility we have fun michael path takes everywhere we feel that we found on the surface of the ocean with and see the world
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. cullen we found them in animals like crabs and ones that live at the bottom of. the plastic we're getting if we were. twenty five million tonnes of plastic waste is produced by your ph here in france alone five billion plastic cups a frog in a way anyway. like many other countries across the world france faces a monumental plastic waste problem and this is driving a growing number of campaigners and entrepreneurs to challenge the way the plastic is used and made. will they be able to end the country's dependence on this basic material. twenty five percent of all plastic is recycled in france with the rest any up in landfills or worse illegally dumped i'm meeting
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councilor and environmental campaigner irish baron bosh at one of the many tips surrounding paris. walk away by going to see to it left the. sample an example m. three off its limit that limit the matter your. sea of chilled yard produce some million or so media use that plastic. you offer also now twice like you media said an arm with some of it within a while false on the meat journals securely supermachine a birth preventing this search. is that the knowledge you. want for good or is the adult said it could itch. france's two thousand and fifteen ban is a good start to encourage people to reduce their reliance on plastic but the next
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target is twenty twenty when the country will be the first to ban single use items like plastic cups plates and cutlery so i'm embarking on a road trip around france to find out how ready industry and people are for the changes ahead. first stop some roadside services. so i just stopped to get some water and a coffee it's classic everywhere. one thing is clear it's going to take serious innovation to wean us off plastics but on the beach in san manner is a possible solution. daveed coty manages our go back a start up creating plastic from seaweed. so why is so we need good plastics alternative to great advantage of seaweed is renewable and it's unlimited that we don't need to our best seaweed on the field and fully biodegrade it will go
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to see what is there a bouncy we need scientifically the make up what is it that makes it really what is good in seaweed is deporting me a chain. which is very similar to the poly matching you can find in the oil based plastics petroleum based polymers are long chains of carbon atoms bonded together these are produced synthetically to form conventional plastic but they can also be made from a wide range of buy materials like vegetable oil. like seaweed. daveed has asked me to help them to collect the brown variety which also happens to be a non-native species a real lady that we have is too thick to see one of. which is a visit which is a pollution in fact and we choose the date of today burnt so this can be a plastic. not going to be a plastic it's going to be but you're all of your basically be your basement here
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your which will have certain characteristics similar to plastics. gopac started in two thousand and ten and each year they sell forty tons of one hundred percent bio plastic made from hundreds of tons of seaweed. there it is the treasure. is in charge of production at the plant. what are the other ingredients that are in this vat so but to be. fair. salvia is playing this one close to its chest it is commercially sensitive after all and from where i stand the process looks involved. first the seaweed is turned into something that looks like played before it's tried in an oven for fifteen hours after that it's pulverized. this batch here
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is destined to become flower pots. what exactly does this machine do. or do you. intend. to question. here from the new york. dummy for give you a lot of almost all of them at their use only. there you go straight through the gardens and we have sixteen small flower pots how long does something like this take to decompose it can take. up to four more months twelve months depending as well on the coaching that we can provide if this was a plastic part how long would that take to decompose five hundred years between five hundred years in the nature so you're looking at five hundred years against four months do you see a gap in the market for your products. we'll give you
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a room in the market but this room should be at the same price ninety eight percent of the people are ready to go for something which is greener which is better for the environment but at the same price. right now pack is the more expensive option for consumers but davey's hopeful that in twelve to eighteen months they can step up production to offer products that are only fifteen percent more expensive than conventional plastics the seaweed alternative to. really impressive but there are limitations of viability thing. with the band looming stance up surrounded friends are experimenting with plastic alternatives for materials like milk and corn starch i'm off to see another venture in scent. is an engineer who recently has developed what he calls if we can boss
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whom from an ingredient found in most of our cupboards in his refined foam what is this product that you want to show us it's really ok ok yes how do you turn this into this. chemistry is your fell upon you and your leg. was going to press each ness and you cast each. may. simply fall one cuban pair met the family. who was an example. of the like and as you can. confirm it is not risen. where does the sugar cane come from underneath the indonesian and who does the transformation from the sugar cane to these pellets here. tap safian underneath. are those are new who know and who got really poor fell just. a.
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as the other plans nikolai's guarding his formula closely i can see why the results look good is actually food a food product yes so if i finish my juice in this possible way and i want to dispose of it i don't necessarily need to put it in the past six waste put it in the food waste. box as well as the. scene was he said. there are problems bad. that's amazing but to reduce the need to grow and transport sugarcane i can't help feeling it would be better to simply reuse them nevertheless nikolaus vegan bustles our success he's had orders for two million last year and expects even more for two thousand and eighteen but like the seaweed packaging these bottles are more
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expensive than conventional plastic twenty five percent more expensive to be precise so could something like this really take off. so i'm here in beautiful clara shell and i've been told that this cafe sells the sugarcane bottles that. i'm curious to know if anyone can tell the difference or if it even matters to them so does this look like plastic to you three four months i was on a dusty creek and how does it feel to know that it's not plastic. that it was paid to last place for a month until it's the best level argument does that affect your decision to purchase these types of bottles of course it's good to purchase something and be able to get through it with the environment. that was an overwhelmingly positive response and it gives me lots of hope for the future. but is it really going to be so easy to rid ourselves of plastics i'm heading back to paris to meet up again
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with activist our ash. to find out what he thinks. around it we just stop using plastic. we over the figure if i become. equal flour is a little more global he said when young it would it's actually use a bit of a cave. of the. atlas it is what we know the. book enough we also thank you for each. no no i was indeed i felt which was. france's ban is a significant step in the right direction it will take bold political moves like this plus ingenuity and better choices on everyone's part to make plastic a thing of the past. our planet is suffocating from plastic pollution but around the world people are taking steps to reduce reuse and recycle. in africa
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only ten percent of solid waste is collected mostly because of problems with accessibility but a social enterprise in lagos nigeria is sending teams on bicycles to collect recyclable materials incentivizing people by offering goods for their waste fire a point system. and in kenya where as many as ninety tons of flip flops wash up on the coast pay here to dish to ship builders and now collecting them to construct boats. projects like these are a start in helping countries and communities tackle the global plastic problem at a local level the key to turning the tide on plastic before it's too late.
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three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union to accept is yet to take for camp britain seen through its divorce from its european may best cloak of the whole process still be revived stay with al-jazeera for the latest. a gunman killed forty nine people and turned mosques in new zealand the prime minister calls it a terrorist attack. hello and welcome to al jazeera live for my headquarters in doha the product also ahead
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still not satisfied algerians keep up their demands for change even though their ailing president is no longer running for a fifth term. spain's government sets a date for relocation the remains of former dictator franco to a more discreet grave. and asking the leaders of today to protect their tomorrow school students around the world action on climate change. new zealanders are in shock after what prime minister has called one of their darkest days well as it turned different walks in christ church were attending friday prayers when a gunman opened fire forty nine people have been killed but the similar number of wounded twenty eight year old suspect is jew in court charged with murder and thomas reports from the scene. this was the scene shortly after a gunman opened fire at
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a mosque in christchurch. worshippers injured themselves surrounded by the bodies of family members and friends. who rushed to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they disabled one of the two bombs found in the car he was driving. earlier the city's main al nor mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing military style uniform and the camera mounted on his helmet here but. what it would not talk we hear looking a lot that we. started shooting and the people of the. issues and the shooting and i mean that after that you go it is and you go one by one everybody killing and some people that the gunman live streamed his attack on
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facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing there to a shooting of the shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. could hear screaming in the crying in. some people in or drop dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshipers linwood mosque about ten minutes away police have arrested a number of suspects including an australian born man new zealand's prime minister said they weren't on security watch lists. that new zealand had been the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation that welcomed migrants we new zealand we were not a tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not true isn't for the sake of violence
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because we can darn racism because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are and none of these things australia's prime minister is also appalled and shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today. by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. that is taken the law it's stolen the logs in a vicious murder suspect that is to climb so many new zealand's police haven't ruled out the possibility of more suspects being at large and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nationwide we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone is keep safe and that includes. offenders in special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant
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and having a presence around wall of their mosques to ensure nothing to fear that their kids the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians on the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced but this attack will be felt most keenly by those from migrant communities we all know mosque behind me was full of people originally from many different countries this isn't just new zealand's tragedy it is the world's under thomas al-jazeera christians something minute address as professor of education and sociology at american university she's also the author of the extreme gone mainstream and she says these attacks are sometimes a changing political climate. it's definitely not surprising we are seeing a rise i think one of the most depressing things about this is its utter predictability and it's very similar to other kinds of attacks that we've seen it's
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just escalation we're seeing larger numbers of deaths and and but you know it's not that different from from the pittsburg shooting from the sikh temple shooting from the from the shooting of african-americans in a church we're seeing again and again and these kinds of violence in very peaceful places being in acted. in a climate of rising hate there are many things going on and it's you know it's just like when we saw a rash of school shootings in the u.s. some decades ago there's no there's no actual formula that that can predict this but we know there are on the one hand there's a rising legitimacy of white supremacy rising from political leaders from kind of populist anti you know anti immigrant sentiments that are out there in political discourse much more commonly and social media enables these kinds of conspiracy
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theories and deep radicalization to take place in in ways that often aren't detectable until pretty close to the to the actual violence and so so individuals can be much more. radicalized in online way that makes it harder for people to detect what's happening that the political climate has definitely added fuel to it i think we can't you know draw a direct causal line but it certainly legitimized added fuel to mean when you have language that dehumanizes migrants are immigrants that you know depicts immigrants in really negative dangerous ways that deploys language of invasion of infection you know all the kinds of language we've heard about migrants and refugees that feeds this this kind of radicalization and fear of the other that is at the root of a lot of these white supremacist movements. anyhow i want
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a national executive director of the council on american islamic relations and he says that u.s. president donald trump needs to condemn the shootings as a white supremacist attack the killer of this. tragedy in new zealand cited or referenced trump and mr trump should reflect on this very few people around the world admire him and now the ones who are admiring him are the ones who see fear of the other and he has a role to play in fixing this problem he is not the only one who's responsible for this but being the president of the united states has a lot of responsibility to reflect on. that's there on to other news now and tens of thousands of algerians a bet on the streets demanding president add that as he's both a flake his resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing
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president to drop his bed for a fifth term but the promise something of a new technocratic government isn't enough for the demonstrators problem at the scene reports. this is not what the algerian government all president up there as he's but the flicka are hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down immediately as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leka has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the country. balling oil prices badly hit
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algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of a beautifully presidency some young algerians are taking their protests on why you want to be me. we need to be me and you will be. the only i've known in my life one president. i want change immediate change is they spent listening to you. to try to calm demonstrations both of flicka says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister noted in bed we has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government. from the cool of the earth and with a mix we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you want again and we are ready to term and our desire is strong and our doors are open to discuss and
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exchange visions oh good it's like a government says it will heed the protestors demands the demonstrators say that we is a boot of the law and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is. one of the persons who have been removed from his into arised i mean this is brother still running the show. the security people still in this show or in the new prime minister really a person who has authority. the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change she knology. not matheson. now weekly protests along the gaza israel fans have been postponed hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged strip israeli military says around one hundred hamas targets struck early on friday was in response to
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a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv the exchange of fire is raising fears of an escalation of the conflict a force that has this update from the israeli side of the gaza border fence. well this latest escalation between israel and hamas began on thursday evening with the launch of those two rockets from gaza towards the area around tel aviv the first time that has happened since twenty fourteen israel blaming hamas for that launch in the early hours of friday morning and responding with some one hundred targets being struck by the israeli military in gaza but later during the course of thursday a friday morning rather the israelis the israeli army told the media that there was a possibility at least this was a mistaken launch that either there was potentially some kind of technical problem or that it was a a lower ranking group of of hamas members who carried out the launch without the song.


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